Do I have hypoglycemia?
Hypoglycemia is not an excuse disease, like hypothyroidism. Anyone who has been overweight hopes they have an underactive thyroid, because it means being fat is not their fault. Hypoglycemia is not like that - the symptoms are unpleasant and it can eventually lead to diabetes. So most likely if you're suspecting you have hypoglycemia, you either do, or you're on your way to it.

Let's start with the symptoms. I know a lot of these symptoms are extremely vague and could be from a multitude of things (like headaches, fatigue). But if you have several of these symptoms, you should start wondering if you're hypoglycemic. I personally had all of them except for crying spells, phobias, and allergies.

Symptoms of Hypoglycemia

Mental Confusion/Trouble Concentrating
Mood Swings (which get better after eating!)
Heart Palpitations
Craving for sugar
Cold hands or feet
Blurred Vision
Inner Trembling
Sudden Anger/Irritability
Intense hunger
Crying spells
Pale skin
Sweaty skin

An easy at-home way to test for hypoglycemia is to use a blood glucose reader. They're unpleasant, because you have to prick your finger and with all the nerves in your fingertips, it can hurt more than you'd think. Then you feed the drop of blood into the reader and it will tell you your blood glucose. You should do this first thing in the morning after you've urinated but before you've eaten anything. You'll have been fasting all night so you know food won't affect your blood sugar levels. Hypoglycemia is technically below 70 blood sugar reading. But, anything below 100 is considered low, so you might be on your way if you're between 70 and 100.

The "official" test for hypoglycemia comes from your doctor. You will have to fast overnight. This shouldn't be too difficult since we all fast while we sleep at night anyway. They will then draw blood and inquire about your symptoms. You will then be given glucose, and your levels will be measured again. The lab your bloodwork is sent to will then be able to determine proof-positive if you are hypoglycemic or not.

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