How do I lose weight with hypoglycemiaSo, how do I lose weight with hypoglycemia?
Based on what you've read, you might think hypoglycemics should all be thin, since we aren't keeping our blood sugar levels up enough through food. But this is not always the case. Often times, our blood sugars are out of whack because we eat the WRONG foods, at the WRONG times. Carbohydrate-heavy, sugar laden foods are not good for anyone's waistline, no matter what your medical condition. There aren't very many people who can drink soda and eat cupcakes every day and stay thin, after all.

Following normal diets is a huge no-no for hypoglycemics. A lot of diets are heavy on grains and low in fat and protein. I've seen countless diets that glorify eating nothing but fruit and veg all day. This spells disaster for a hypoglycemic, as we need protein every time we eat. The two diets I will suggest to hypoglycemics is the South Beach Diet and Atkins. For those of you who freak out at the word Atkins - the 20g of carbs a day limit is ONLY for the first 2 weeks. And, surprise surprise - South Beach's first 2 weeks are identical to Atkins! So don't be quick to judge, look into the diets yourself. But keep the guidelines on this page in your mind to follow so you don't end up going on a diet that will just make your hypoglycemia worse.

Another common problem with hypoglycemics is exercise. We can't exercise for too long, and we have to make sure we've eaten half an hour before and half an hour after activity. Haven't you heard about people curing their diabetes through exercise? It's because exercise lowers blood sugar levels. The last thing a hypoglycemic needs is their sugar lowered even more!

The bottom line for weight loss with hypoglycemia is this: eat the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right times. You can find Foods To Eat and When To Eat on this site. It will be tough, especially in social situations, to eat frequently and eat the right things. But this isn't just about weight loss, it's about your health, so that should be more of a motivator than that slinky black dress. Honestly, if you don't get your hypoglycemia in check, it can and probably will lead to diabetes. Let that be your motivation to eat right.

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