When should I eat with hypoglycemiaWhen should I eat with hypoglycemia?

Eat every 2-3 hours. The best thing for sugar crashes is to not let it crash in the first place. Eating often and eating the right foods will keep all your levels where they should be. You probably won't feel hunger or have your stomach rumble, so you will have to force yourself to eat when you don't necessarily want to. But trust me, preventing the headaches and dizziness and irritability is worth making yourself eat.

Always have a snack with you. A baggie with some nuts or a protein bar are great choices. Dextrose tabs also help keep your blood sugar from dropping too dangerously low. I know from a lot of experience that keeping food with you can be a lifesaver.

Eating is not abnormal - do not be embarassed to do it in front of people! Don't feel embarassed to whip out a protein bar while you're standing in line at an amusement park or something. More likely than not, the people you're with already know you're hypoglycemic and won't question it. And if anyone asks, just tell them. People complain about diabetes so publicly without embarassment, I don't think anyone would bat an eyelash if you simply stated you had hypoglycemia and have to eat to keep your blood sugar up.

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